Awakening Power & Pleasure - An ISTA Toronto Taster with Frank Mondeose

Awaken your personal power.

Awaken your sexual power.

Awaken your heart radiance.

Live a more powerful and pleasurable life.

Join us for an incredible evening of Tantra, personal empowerment practices and sensual, consensual and healing touch.

Awaken to your authentic self!!

And get a taste of what an ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) training may look and feel like.

Pleasure is our birthright. It is the fuel for ecstatic expression of the body temple. It serves vitality, health, well-being and the ability for deep intimate connection with oneself, and others.

Culturally, we have accumulated a lot of shame, fear and guilt around pleasure and have pushed its expression into the shadow. Many of us have experienced “pleasure shadow”, as we have recently heard with women and men speaking out thanks to the #metoo movement.

The shadow expression of pleasure can appear as sexual violations, disempowering unconscious behaviors and over-indulgence to a complete denial and rejection of one’s own joy.

Frank Mondeose

Frank Mondeose


  • Collectively, we will explore the power of claiming our YES around desire and pleasure. We will practice healthy boundaries and discover our full NO. We can only be a full YES, if we have a strong NO.
  • In a safe, attentive, tender and sacred space, we will explore what “consensual current interactions” can look like. We will create reference points for personal relating with power, and sharing pleasure with another.
  • You will be at choice throughout the whole evening.
  • Enhanced or new personal and sexual empowerment tools.


  • Introduction and setting the frame for the exploration.
  • Exercises to expand consciousness and offer new reference points.
  • A group Tantric ritual that explores power and pleasure.
  • Sharing and closing circle


  • Intensity level: light-medium. Experience in sensual environments a plus.
  • Who should join us: anyone who has a desire to connect and share more authentically and powerfully.
  • Touch: there will be consensual touch.
  • Nudity: clothing is optional during ritual time.
  • Sexual content: you create your experience. This session does not have any sexual objective.
  • What to bring: blind fold, sarong, 1 fruit, yoga mat, blanket, water bottle and snacks.
  • What to wear: for intro and exercises, whatever you are most comfortable in. Please bring loose, and flowing clothing for ritual and Temple time (for enhanced skin to skin sensations).

Empowering 4-hour workshop:

Early Bird: $48
Door: $58

To register and reserve your spot, please email:

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