January 23-26, 2020 – Nasara, Costa Rica

The Erotic Experiment: Fantasy Playshop

Frank Mondeose offers you a 4-day erotic getaway nestled in a private luxury Costa Rican home for a total of 13 co-journeyers, reserved solely for ISTA Graduates.

Frank will be tapping into the natural erotic current of the group and offering some guidance into the journey of exploring our wildest, juiciest desires!!! A self discovering temple, with a flexible schedule designed to allow “new adventures” to reveal themselves organically. Space for tribal sharing and clearings will be suggested at the onset of the journey. The rest will be surrendered to the mystery.

***Bring your wildest desires, vibrate, synergize, play, heal and expand!***

Donation: $950 USD
Includes luxury home w shared beds, 3 healthy meals per day, sensual snacks, guided facilitation, temple nights and more. Transportation and service charges not included.

To RSVP: Send a 50% deposit to info@booza.ca through Paypal.
Only 9 spaces are left available.
Once your deposit has been received, an application/intake form will be sent to you to complete to ensure this space is appropriate for you. If for whatever reason you are not accepted, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

Is this a Play space or a Healing space?

Both. The idea of the experiment is to tap into our unmet fantasies, light, dark or taboo. Embodied expression and play can be a source of great power. Sometimes however, unmet fantasies, can unconsciously leak tremendous life force, flirting or obsessing through fantasy, and porn; never truly satisfying the primal urge.

Creating a safe erotic space to reveal, share, and explore these fantasies, can release great waves of liberated energy, satiating our longing for deeper, darker, and more taboo desires to be brought into the light.

Through sacred intentional play spaces, we will reclaim this wandering energy, and possibly move past wounds, blocks and limiting beliefs that keep us trapped.

What is possible when we bring our fantasies into the light, and align with ISTA allies, to create the perfect conditions to explore our innermost cravings? This is the Erotic Experiment.

#LetLoveFree #TheEroticExperiment #FantasyPlayshop

Disclaimer: There are NO guarantees that any or all of our fantasies will be experienced. Sovereignty, Synergy and Sacredness will be the guidelines and each individual will be responsible for taking care of their own needs, desires, and boundaries, through clear and direct communication.

ISTA tools and culture are encouraged, to keep our center and be in our ease as we explore the depths of love and pleasure!

The Erotic Experiment precedes the Costa Rica ♡ ISTA Level 1 ♡ Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience led by Crystal Dawn Morris, Frank Mondeose, and Karam Duc Minh

If you have been considering assisting, this could be a great experience to both participate in the Fantasy Playshop and Assist the ISTA SSSEX LEVEL 1

*Level 2 SSSIN is considered an asset for this journey however it is not a pre requisite but highly suggested. Level 1 SSSEX is a pre requisite.

ISTA Costa Rica 2020

Our guide: Frank Mondeose

A contemporary voice on Love, Eros & Relating, Frank Mondeose also known as the “Spiritual Playboy”, serves the collective in the realms of sex education and sensual entertainment.

Faculty with ISTA, The International Schools of Temple Arts, Co-founder of Re/MEN/ber Brotherhood Journey and creator of the lifestyle brand Monde Osé, Frank has touched the hearts, and minds of many, whether it be through tantalizing their imaginations at his multi-sensorial events, to inspirational interactions that have navigated people to accessing their personal power.

The containers he holds are opportunities for healing, by releasing the conventionality of society, and opening a permissive space for any and all energies to move with a confident and empowering facilitator.

Frank is currently teaching Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Shamanism in over 10 countries including Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Iceland, England, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, and Turkey.

Frank Mondeose